Laser Etching is the newest technique for distinctive decoration and branding.
It creates a tonal subtle look, you are albe to etch a bold over size graphic while keeping a classy subtle nature.
By being able to laser over zippers, seams, pockets opens your options impossible in other branding options.
This achieves a cut and sewn look at low minimum quantities.

Laser etching works best on polyester , denim, suede and micro fleece products. These fabrics produce the best, most impactful look.
Lighter tones are the most impactful, tri-blend color tones, black, white, and navy do not always work except on some micro fleece fabrics.




Here is a very successful employee performance reward program project.
The employees work in a cool environment, so a J-america performance hoodie was used.
Our in-house art dept created, designed a modern, clean, iconic graphic.
For the decoration a multi-media laser etch, embroidery combo was utilized.
The embroidery adds the great pop of color.

This team jacket was designed for the team competition members of a high-end car audio company. The goal was to design and deliver a mid-weight jacket that was available in a full size range.

For that purpose the Port Athurity Core Soft jacket was used. Incorporating their printed circuit board and placing it as the background graphic on the front there logo was cleanly sewn over the lasered image.
To make the back impactful a oversized laser graphic was placed at the bottom left side of the jacket. The result was a super stylish modern jacket.

ARC Audio Jacket

Be as unique as you can be laser etch over the zippers, seams, buttons, and pockets.
Get creative let us help you create or create your own concepts all we need is your vector art files.