Embroidery and Digitizing

In today’s fast passed world, quality and craftsmanship need to remain important.
i2 still views the industry as a craft, and takes pride in delivering branded images at a high level of quality.
Keeping the project on time and within budget for our customers is a primary goal.


This is a project was awarded to us they had
the concept but it was a very ruff blurry image.
With this kind of image it is necessary to imagine the finished product and envision how the finished project will look best finished. We strengthened the main parts of the structure
and brought in clean, clear shapes for detail.

The finished product was intended to be applied to a black and white pinstripe apron. The customer wanted to see the graphic to be visible in a white silhouette and did not want to see any pine stripe lines through the graphic.

McHenry Mansion

CostLess Before

CostLess After


The image was to be sewn for their uniform fulfillment program. Care was taken to maintain all the details within the graphic. This result is a great representation of the logo.
It works beautifully on there all there polos, aprons, hats, jackets, and of there corporate needs.

This jacket is for a employee reward program the design was sent to us it had already been embroidered once before. Our job was to recreate the files and clean up the detail in the graphic while keeping the stitch count cost effective.

This jacket is fully customized with multiple embroidery locations, including a full back. All the major fill areas where made with felt applique and then sewed over the top of the applique to bring in extra needed detail. This brought the stitch count down, saving money, and gave the jacket a smart custom look and feel.

HD Applique Embroidery Jacket